Agrunion Heraklion Winery



Sustainability is the creation of a world where each of us can have a satisfying life and enjoy a level of prosperity within the limits that nature can offer, the need for continuous improvement of our environmental performance is an integral part of fulfilling the vision , the purpose and values of our Winery for sustainability. With respect for the environment implements an ambitious program to eliminate environmental pollution.This is achieved with photovoltaic power stations of 100 kw on the roof of the Winery for energy savings, at the same time the replacement of all energy consuming lamps of old technology with LED technology was implemented.

In addition, it has submitted a study for the construction of a 2000 sq.m. (m³) for the collection and storage of rainwater, eliminating the need for water and protecting the aquifer. Another action is the collaboration with the Mediterranean University of Crete where it creates "Compost" that is, fertilizer from the by-products of winemaking (marcs, seeds and tubs), for the purpose of their free distribution to the producers who cooperate with the Union of Heraklion for the fertilization of their vineyards. Finally, we make sure all packaging materials are recyclable.