our history

  In the blessed earth of the Cretans, wine production is an unbroken part of history. From antiquity, from the brilliant Minoan Civilisation until the present, 4000 years of vineyards, grapes and wine. A tradition deeply forged in the soul and generously offered up by the Region, as generous as the welcome from the island’s people. From fertile Crete, mother Earth, to the glass of millions. Proudly from the Agrunion of Heraklion, The whole soul of Crete sealed in a bottle…
The Agrunion of Heraklion started from the vision of a single farming family to unite all the agricultural community in the Prefecture so as to create a new, broader, family of vine growers and wine producers. Through its love of and passion for the grape since 1927 and with tireless effort for almost a century, the Agrunion of Heraklion has made it! It linked up, supported and continues to support local producers to create up to this day one of the largest wineries in the Balkans and the largest winery in Greece. During this effort, it has come up against many challenges.
Supreme quality and certified production processes in combination with the use of exclusively native grape varieties as the basic ingredient was always the uncompromising standard. Thus, in2008, Agrunion arrived at a watershed moment in terms of its vision by completing the construction of a model winery in Paliani, a ground-breaking project uniting tradition and modern wine-making processes by developing methods to bring new taste experiences to the palate.

Today, the Agrunion of Heraklion offers an excellent collection of single-varietal and multi-varietal wines. With Red, White or Rosé, to keep every discerning wine connoisseur happy. Our international wine awards bear witness to this!

We use a holistic approach. Our vision is to enrich our products. To have a global reach, without exception. Apart from our wide range of wines, the Agrunion also produces retsina and vinegar of the highest quality and of great nutritional value, while being affordable to every consumer. From Crete to the global table.