Since 1927, for 100 years now, we have proudly watched our vision become reality. And that’s thanks to you. The great response to our products has kept alive our passion for never-ending growth, factors which led to us taking the important decision to implement a ground-breaking and massive project unveiled by the Union in 2008. That was none other than our new, cutting-edge winery.


The Agrunion of Heraklion’s winery stretches over an area of 5 hectares in the heart of Heraklion prefecture at Paliani. In this historic place, where the state-of-the-art facilities are to be found, cutting edge technology is coupled with age-old tradition to extract the finest of products. Determination and passion have united to create the largest winery in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans, with the massive tank and bottling capacity to produce 6,800 tons of wine annually. This makes us grateful indeed.

Facilities and activities

The winery includes conference facilities to hold 60 people, a wine-tasting space with a capacity for 35, as well as beautifully decked out courtyard spaces for a host of events to hold more than 100 people. Our premises are open and invite you to take a look around. In the central halls, designed in the finest, most aesthetic way, we indulge in our passion, presenting our new products, while we debate, educate ourselves, grow. In the courtyard areas, we grow in number, consort with nature, have fun and enjoy the fruits of this blessed place.

From the producer’s crate to the global table

Our magnificent cellars round off our winery, the pride of the Agrunion of Heraklion, where the treasure of the earth, our wines, are stored and age. In our subterranean spaces, the most mysterious of processes are taking place, such as the ageing of the wine in oak barrels. For the producers we have set up grape reception hoppers, hyper-modern tools for electronic search and de-stemmers which end up in our winery’s giant stainless steel tanks, in the place where we manage the raw material using our brains and our experience. A perfectly organised facility, friendly and arranged for every stage of production.