Konaki White

The welcoming one! Top of the sales charts, this white truly lives up to its name and reputation, being the daily ‘refuge’ in taste and aromas of Crete, hosting a part of the Cretan tradition while also being very ‘approachable’ in price. This multi-varietal wine, produced using the classical white wine-making process, is for thousands […]

Local Cretan White Vilana

A cool taste going back millennia… Local Cretan wine. That is to say, precisely what we want to achieve: a white wine in honour of our vineyards. A wine that has evolved despite the weight of tradition going back to Minoan times. Today, the Agrunion of Heraklion brings to your table a rather different single-varietal […]

Domenico Vidiano

The rich one! Another truly rich wine from the premium Domenico collection. Greenish-yellow in colour, intense aromas of honey melon and peach, flowers and herbs, having a balanced taste and a crisp acidity making this wine unrivalled in its category. A single-varietal white which ages for three months on the lees and can age for […]

Domenico Thrapsathiri

From the palette of El Greco ! One of the premium wines from your favourite Domenico collection, Domenico Thrapsathiri is inspired by El Greco, or Domenikos Theotokopoulos, the world-famous painter. A wine dedicated to this artist who honoured his birthplace, Heraklion, by spreading all that Cretan pride across the globe through his great works. Domenico […]