Type : RED

Konaki Red



The velvety one!


Another red from strictly native grape varieties of Crete, the Konaki Red from the award-winning Agrunion of Heraklion collection, Konaki. From the quality produce of mother earth and the deep tradition of the island, our very own ‘home’, Crete, a wine with character. A multi-varietal dry with quite special aromas, a subtle taste and a colour like ‘red velvet’. Red hot! We selected Kotsifali and Liatiko as the raw ingredient and used classic red wine processes to bring to your table, every moment; a real wine that’s pleasant on the palate and on the pocket. A red for all hours and occasions, making our ‘home’ proud!


It can be ideally paired with:

Red meats and other meat dishes, various cheeses, particularly fatty ones.

Best served at 12º C.

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