Type : ROSÉ

Konaki Rosé


Rosé from home!


No Konaki collection would be complete without a good rosé. Another multi-varietal wine from the unique native varieties of Crete. The rosé found at ‘its home’ when teaming up with seafood and shellfish, but which also finds friends in a huge number of local and international dishes. And how come? Because it’s a Rosé and goes with just about everything! Konaki Rosé transports us to flowery meadows in spring and long Cretan summers. A cool and uplifting wine that will quench the thirst, this rosé containing fruity aromas, a subtle taste, interesting nose and unrivalled freshness can be enjoyed on its own. Why is that? That’s because it’s a Rosé! Konaki Rosé with its gentle aromas is a Rosé for all. This is the Rosé that debunks the myth that ‘ladies prefer rosé’. A rosé from home, from Konaki of Agrunion of Heraklion, that journeys to international competitions and receives the gongs. And why may that be? That is because the Rosé is a breath of fresh air. It’s Konaki Rosé.


It can be ideally paired with:

Shellfish, seafood, pastas, white meat, Asian cuisine, spicy food, Indian cuisine, white or yellow cheeses

Best served at 11.5º C.

An award-winning wine!
Gold award in the rosé wine category, PAR Wine Award International 2021, 92 PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage).

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