Type : WHITE

Local Cretan White Vilana


A cool taste going back millennia…

Local Cretan wine. That is to say, precisely what we want to achieve: a white wine in honour of our vineyards. A wine that has evolved despite the weight of tradition going back to Minoan times. Today, the Agrunion of Heraklion brings to your table a rather different single-varietal dry wine. A white-green wine produced using the pre-fermentation maceration method under a controlled temperature, a wine which is aromatic, cool, balanced, with a crisp acidity and long aftertaste. Citrus fruit, green apple or tropical fruit, herbs but also notes of jasmine, lemon flower… aromatic and flavourful for any meal, for any excuse for coolness and that feel-good factor. Enjoyed on its own or with a meal. For those in the hospitality business, this is a label which goes with a large selection of dishes or with main meals and a host of cheeses. The local Cretan White, international award-winner, is constantly gaining ground among young wine lovers and critics in Greece and elsewhere. A cool taste today with an historical pedigree of millennia, the taste of Crete, from Vilana, the queen of Cretan vineyards.

It can be ideally paired with:

White meat, delicacies with rich white sauces, soft cheese.

Best served at 7° to 10°C.

An award-winning wine!
Silver award in the white wine category, PAR Wine Award International 2021, 88 PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage). Gold trophy in the white wine category PAR Wine Award International 2021, xx PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage).


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