Type : ROSÉ

Local Cretan Liatiko Rosé


Cretan sunset


Another wine from the Local Cretan collection, this time a soft, rose tint, and with the familiar quality of Local Cretan family wine. Another gem from Agrunion’s cellar, with international recognition and the quality stamp of our winery, to boot. A dry single-varietal wine from Liatiko, this is a quite singular rosé that cools and refreshes every palate. Produced using the saignée technique (bleeding), which is followed by the classic white-wine-making process with temperature control. Aromatic notes of strawberry and raspberry, this is a round wine with a crisp acidity and lingering aftertaste, a local wine with cheeky intentions. A rosé that is winning over connoisseurs and wine critics alike, and one that can be enjoyed on its own as well as with local delicacies or exotic international dishes. To be enjoyed at home on a daily basis, but is also a favourite among restaurant professionals and at tourist resorts. We, ourselves, after a demanding, creative day, look afar at the peerless beauty of the Cretan sky, our gaze sinking into the sunset, as we savour a sip of Local Cretan Rosé…


Best served at 7°C.

It can be ideally paired with:

Shellfish, seafood, pastas, white meat and Asian cuisine.

An award-winning wine!

Silver award in the Rosé wine category, PAR Wine Award International 2021, 88 PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage).

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