Konaki Rosé

Rosé from home!   No Konaki collection would be complete without a good rosé. Another multi-varietal wine from the unique native varieties of Crete. The rosé found at ‘its home’ when teaming up with seafood and shellfish, but which also finds friends in a huge number of local and international dishes. And how come? Because […]

Local Cretan Liatiko Rosé

Cretan sunset   Another wine from the Local Cretan collection, this time a soft, rose tint, and with the familiar quality of Local Cretan family wine. Another gem from Agrunion’s cellar, with international recognition and the quality stamp of our winery, to boot. A dry single-varietal wine from Liatiko, this is a quite singular rosé […]

Erofili Rosé

Love is…   Love, who oft amid the greatest / And the fairest wits art found… / Hast such deadly weapons’ might / That thou all men bringst to ground. Erofili, that premium semi-dry liatiko! A rosé, inspired by the work of the same name of Georgios Chortatzis, perhaps the greatest poetic figure in Cretan […]